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OH – MY – FREAKING – GOD! is up and running [again] in the international [English, yes] version. The blog about blogs [pure personal recommendation, what a luck that the creator has an extraordinary nice taste] has been existing for a while, but without the needed resources. They are collected now, and the site is ready to fly – take a flight with it:   Check it out, follow it and L I K […]

Sabine Mark. Jewelry designer at VITSØ.

VITSØ - Sabine Mark - Håndmykke / The Wild Pony

A few weeks ago I went to a house party held by Balder Skånstrøm-Bo [previously mentioned here] and his girlfriend Marianne. I was an awesome night with a live DJ set by Cavio, plenty of dancing and best of all: Good, ‘long-time-no-see’ friends!   One of the ‘long-time-no-see’ friends was Sabine Mark, with whom I’ve spent hours and hours […and hours!] solving mathematical problems. When going to high school 10 years ago, of course. I […]

Kristian Levin. Professional photoshopper.


Wow – what happened? The pony has been a sleep for quite some time. It sleeps a lot in general at the moment, as I’m riding on other projects [or ponies]. But the last few days I’ve really been feeling like posting something new – and here it goes: — This blog post is about a good friend and an awesome photoshopper. He’s actually the first professional photoshopper to be graduated in Denmark. And his […]

How to raise capital. For creative businesses.


Hello good ol’ riders! If you’re in Copenhagen on Wednesday you should check out this event. It’s a panel discussion about how to raise capital for creative businesses. It’s held on Republikken in collaboration with Rebel Academy, and Michael Eis from plus Carla Cammilla Hjort from ArtRebels are among the panelists. I’m sure it’s going to be interesting! The event is called FRA KREATIVITET TIL FORRETNING – HVORDAN SKAFFER VI KAPITAL? and will be […]

Miss Skafte and Miss Qvistgaard are nominated!


It’s long time no see, I know, but the pony is back with good news! I’m so very proud of two of my very good friends and former fellow students – Trine Qvistgaard and Louise Skafte – that with their respective teams have been nominated for a Young Creative Circle Award in the YCCA Advertising category. Congratulations, beautiful creative ladies [and guy], well done!

Dark Matters. Pecha Kucha Inspiration. Memories.

Trailerpark Festival 2011 - Dark Matters - Yoke - Hvass&Hannibal - The Wild Pony

On Wednesday February 29th I went to Pecha Kucha Night CPH #19. It was a great line up – in both Danish and English – and one of the Pecha Kucha presentations reminded me of a great experience I [and every other festival guest] had on Trailerpark Festival 2011: Dark Matters & co.’s interactive visual installation for the main stage!   Dark Matters made a 20×20 seconds presentation [that’s what Pecha Kucha is about] about […]

Balder Skånstrøm-Bo. Film director.

Implosion screendump  Balder Skånstrøm-Bo

I guess you were expecting me to present a graphic designer or photographer as the first creative person on the slightly reconceptualized The Wild Pony. That’s not gonna happen – because Balder Skånstrøm-Bo, the man you are about to get to know, is a film maker, film director and entrepreneur. He’s a good friend and old class mate from high school – and he recently made me cry while watching Implosion, a short film he […]

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