Hi there, welcome to my blog!

I’m Sandra Engen, the creator of The Wild Pony.

I’m a young creative [and rational] soul, born in Spain, raised in Denmark and in love with New York. Today I’m based in Copenhagen. My great passions have been communication, photography, branding, entrepreneurship and graphic design for years. I love being engaged to several projects at the time, and The Wild Pony is definitely one of them. This is why:

I remember being a girl on the countryside in Denmark, taking care of my ponies – especially the one called Slaufa, she was Icelandic and my dearest one. She became a great part of my life, and even though she normally was kind and easy to take care of – she would sometimes surprise me, act crazy and run away with me to fields I had never been on.

It has been more than eight years since I sold her, but having a pony still seems similar to me as having any other hobby. It’s a lifestyle. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a pony or a desktop hobby, you still need to feed it with passion, make it part of your life and take care of it as often as possible, at least if you want it to develop and surprise you. As riding around on your pony makes you discover new places, exploring your hobby will teach you new skills and maybe lead you to new passions.

My pony today has nothing to do with living on the countryside. It’s graphic design, photography, illustration, communication, social media, advertising, branding and pretty much everything in between. That’s why my pony is wild. Sometimes I can’t control it, and its rides surprises me, making me discover new sources of inspiration or even skills I didn’t know I had.

On this blog I will share those sources of inspiration, whether it’s about an Asian designer, a New York gallery or a networking event in Denmark.

The posts are written in Danish, but I hope that you, if you do not speak this weird little language, will be able to understand the point of my written posts by using the Google Translate function in the side bar.

I also freelance in the name of The Wild Pony – have a look at the Services link at the top, or visit my portfolio if you wanna know more about me. The address is simply enough sandraengen.com.

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If you have any comments or need to know something else about me or The Wild Pony, don’t hesitate to drop me an e-mail.


Thanks for coming by!

// Sandra Engen