Kristian Levin. Professional photoshopper.

Wow – what happened? The pony has been a sleep for quite some time. It sleeps a lot in general at the moment, as I’m riding on other projects [or ponies]. But the last few days I’ve really been feeling like posting something new – and here it goes:

This blog post is about a good friend and an awesome photoshopper. He’s actually the first professional photoshopper to be graduated in Denmark. And his name is Kristian Levin.

Kristian is working for Wetouch Imagework, a photo [and video] editing company in Copenhagen, with a client list counting some of the biggest brands in Denmark.


I met Kristian a few years ago, while we were both working at the Danish photographers agency Das Büro – and even though we haven’t been sharing work place for more than a year by now, he’s still a great inspiration to me. He always knows where to find new cool fonts or inspirational blogs – and he knows how to give feedback in a nice way.

The last – and very recent – comment he made on an Illustrator made sign of mine [I’m  r e a l l y  rusty working in Illustrator these days], was: ‘Yes, it’s funny, and yes it’s embarrassing. But hey, so is Klovn and that was awesome’. [FYI: Klovn means ‘Clown’ and was a Danish popular sitcom].


Well, apart from loving his personality, I sure admire his work! Do yourself a favor and check out his website. Here’s a little sneak peak of what’s waiting for you:

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