Dark Matters. Pecha Kucha Inspiration. Memories.

On Wednesday February 29th I went to Pecha Kucha Night CPH #19. It was a great line up – in both Danish and English – and one of the Pecha Kucha presentations reminded me of a great experience I [and every other festival guest] had on Trailerpark Festival 2011: Dark Matters & co.’s interactive visual installation for the main stage!


Dark Matters made a 20×20 seconds presentation [that’s what Pecha Kucha is about] about their work – including this project, made in collaboration with Yoke and some of my favorite Danish graphic artists, Hvass&Hannibal. The visualizations were different in almost every show – but this one with dancing muscles, I recorded, is my absolute favorite. The artist in the video is the American Simone Jones.


Check out Dark Matters‘ own video for more Trailerpark Festival Main Stage visualizations:


One of the most amazing videos is the in the making that shows how it all is an illusion. Love it:


The Wild Pony & co. participated in Trailpark Festival 2011 with an lounge/art project – check it out on my personal portfolio.



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