Balder Skånstrøm-Bo. Film director.

I guess you were expecting me to present a graphic designer or photographer as the first creative person on the slightly reconceptualized The Wild Pony. That’s not gonna happen – because Balder Skånstrøm-Bo, the man you are about to get to know, is a film maker, film director and entrepreneur.

He’s a good friend and old class mate from high school – and he recently made me cry while watching Implosion, a short film he worked on for a long and intense while back in 2008. The short film was selected to be featured on the European Short Film Festival, UNLIMITED in Cologne in 2009.

Watch it below – remember to watch in the highest possible resolution and to connect your speakers – and check out Balder’s company and further references at his company page Madman Factory.


IMPLOSION, 2008 – by Balder Skånstrøm-Bo


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