New focus. New language. Now in English.

Welcome to my first blog post in English!

I’ll initiate this first post in English, as I initiated the last post in Danish: Showing a Viasat Film TV spot that I’m absolutely in love with at the moment –

– because Oscar is, as The Wild Pony, welcoming you to new experiences:

I’ve been preparing myself to start blogging for an international audience for a while, and this is the moment. But I’m not only changing the language of the blog – I will also start featuring new kind of content:

During my studies, the main purpose of this blog, was to communicate relevant events, exhibitions and workshops for creative students in Copenhagen. In addition, I’ve also always been posting any other thing, that I would find inspiring in some way. But then I closed down the blog, finished my studies and went to New York for a little while. I came back to Copenhagen, Denmark, in December and reopened the redesigned The Wild Pony blog in January.

But I realized that I’m not as up to date on coming event as I was while studying [lecture = great opportunity for some online surfing!] – and that I really don’t find it satisfying only to keep posting random [but very inspiring!] content from other blogs or pages. I’m in need of a more unique angel for the blog in order to keep The Wild Pony alive.


All this means, that I’m now going official with an idea I’ve had for a long while: I’m very privileged to know and keep meeting a lot of passionate, creative men and women, that I think deserve some attention and promotion. Therefore, I will henceforth mainly feature creative work from people I’ve met on my path. That’s whether it’s friends, former fellow students, co-workers, network acquaintances, or even maybe just someone, I’ve been recommended to check out. It will most often be Scandinavian creatives – as this is where I’ve met the most – but also work from other creatives I’ve met on my travels will of course be featured.

The visual material will be the backbone of these new kind of posts: Photographs, video, art, graphics, projects, business concept, blog or any other cool thing. Expect only a brief introduction to the artist/entrepreneur/whatever and a short story of how I’ve met or I know of this person. I will maybe feature a creative person more than once – but of course only if there’s another, or new, cool and creative project to feature.

There’s a chance I’ll still post inspiring content I’ve found on the www if I find it so inspiring I just can’t help posting it. Just not as often as before.


To new English readers I can only say Giddyup! and Welcome! – and please bear with me if you stumble into small English grammar errors or weird expressions [read: expressions used in a wrong way]. I’m learning constantly from the English language – especially slang [both American and British] is god damn difficult! ;)

All old posts in Danish will stay on the blog – please don’t be confused, but feel free to use the Google Translate bar in the sidebar to [try to] understand what’s written in Danish. One of these days I will also activate Danish as a translation option to help out any readers from this little country. Have fun with the translations – it’s great entertainment [and far from always correct]!

If you are a new reader, I will recommend you to check out The Wild Pony’s board on Pinterest for an overview of previous posted images on the blog.

Please feel free to let me know what you think of the new changes on the blog.


BONUS INFO: The song for Viasat Film advertising called 114 and with Swedish The Majority Says – such a fine an atmosphere it has. Don’t you think they’ll pick up some new, well deserved, fans by being featured in Viasat’s advertising?



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