But for fuck’s sake

Dette er et blogindlæg udgivet første gang den 23. juni 2009 på min debutblog, sandraengen.blogspot.com

Martin my friend fortalte mig forleden om illustratoren, kunstneren, grafikeren (you name it…) Jody Barton. Jeg slog et smut forbi hans website for at se nogle fede værker –

– men det der fik størstedelen af min opmærksomhed var et brev til en studerende, som jeg fandt på hans blog:

“Dear Jody Barton
please can I send you a questionnaire about what it’s like to be an illustrator?
A. Student (utterly well meaning and polite – and fatally misguided)”

“Hi Student of Illustration,

don’t you think it’s a little crazy that illustrators like yourself are being asked to undertake written work about other illustrators? I’d love to answer students’ questions about almost anything other than specifically illustration. The teaching and practice of illustration is too self-referential, too obsessed with style, and far, too far, in thrall to the money from the advertising agencies.Think of yourself as an artist ‘for life’ and look outside of illustration for your motivation and inspiration. Look to literature, film, comedy, fine art, sculpture, the landscape, sociology – anywhere but illustration. If you just study illustration you’ll be making your work using leftovers.

I think that tutors and course leaders who sanction these kind of projects are puppets of an art school system that doesn’t understand where creativity comes from, and prefers to see it as somehow part of a construct called ‘the creative industries’. To the colleges it’s all about selling courses abroad and sucking up to government inspectors.

Tell your tutors that written projects are bullshit and that you’ll be sorry you didn’t do them when somebody looks at you BA certificate rather than your portfolio for a job. Fail your course if that’s what has to happen – but for fuck’s sake don’t write questionnaires for other illustrators to answer – and never, ever, do what the tutor tells you (unless you were going to do it anyway).

and if they ask what happened when you got in touch with me… say that I told you, to tell them, to fuck off…

Jody Barton

(I was inspired by the great David Foldvari’s similar rant http://davidfoldvari.blogspot.com/2009/03/update.html)”

Doesn’t it say it all?

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